Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a novelist.  Also an infrequent poet.  Most days, I would rather write than eat.

I got my start penning romances for Bantam Loveswept back in 1997.  I published two books with them, then life got complicated (for a really long time), and things changed, not the least of which was my preferred genre.

I recently self-published a futuristic crime thriller, Amanda’s EyesThink murder and mayhem and a dash of “there are more things under heaven, Horatio.”

Even more recently, I published Why Live? a thriller with a romantic twist, the plot of which can be summed up as, “To be, or not to be, the woman you were engineered to be.”

I’m currently working on the next entry in the A.J. Gregson series, a tale of murder and mind control tentatively called Mind Games.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a gig as a communications specialist with a major US university to fall back on.  I write true stories about real folks.  Not as much fun as making stuff up, but interesting in its own way, because human beings are so darned fascinating.  Every one a story in progress.

As am I.


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