Publish & Move On

My launch date (December 23) has no particular rhyme or reason. My marketing “campaign” will no doubt be sporadic, conducted according whim and wild hair. I won’t be tracking sales, will evince only mild interest in reviews.

So. I’ve either gone completely loony tunes, or I’ve found an approach–okay, a non-approach–that works for me. Or both.

Probably both.

I won’t sing “The Marketing Blues” again in this space. But I hope you’ll allow me to sing a few verses of “The Hallelujah, I’m Writing Again Chorus.”

I found the joy again. All I had to do was forget about earning any kind of a living, exorcise the numbers demon, and remember why I started writing in the first place: Because I love it. Because it’s what I do.

So, on December 23, I’ll publish Hunter’s Shadow, book 2 in my Golden State Hearts Trilogy. And then I’ll move on. Move on to the sequel to Amanda’s Eyes. Move on to book 3 in the trilogy, Not Far Enough. Hunter’s poor shadow will have to navigate that cold, cruel self-publishing world without much help or attention from me. (Unless I get hit on the head and forget how much I hate marketing and how joyless it leaves me as an author.)

Any living to be earned will spring from Social Security, such as it is, and my pension, such as it is. (Not to mention the occasional freelance gig on motorcycle tool kits, National Prime Rib Day, or drug testing in Idaho.)

“Why publish at all if you don’t want to make money?”

Well, I wouldn’t mind making money, of course. And in the (so far) unlikely event money happens, just let me say, the party’s on me.

I publish, because that’s what you do with a book. I publish, because not publishing strikes me as a cop out. I publish, because if even one person reads my books, my characters have come alive for someone besides me. I publish, because you just never know.

So, bon voyage, Hunter’s Shadow.

I’m moving on.

P.S. That link thing, up there? Where I linked to my books? That’s what you call on-a-whim, why-not, wild-hair marketing. In case you were wondering.

2 thoughts on “Publish & Move On

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    You made me smile, so thank you very much for that. I was picked up by a publisher who read my blog and asked me to write a book. I remember running round my living room pretending to be an aeroplane and thinking my dreams had come true at last. Finally the book was published and a had the odd glass of wine, a couple of congratulatory meals from friends followed pretty much by silence. The publisher was small and didn’t offer any real marketing help, and I know as much about marketing as I do about designing power stations, which is nothing. The book sold in very small numbers and was followed by a second which sold in even smaller quantities. Still, here I am writing my third because, like you, writing is what I do. I’m glad you are following your dream and I really hope the magic faerie comes fluttering into your living room when you publish your next book. Sorry the answer is so long. I’m a dreadful windbag on some subjects

    1. Kathy DiSanto Post author

      Loved your comments, Peter! Also, I think I need to do the aeroplane thing. Probably have the wine first, though! Keep writing!


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