Growing Up Indie, Part IV: Friends, Indeed

What do you do when ….

  1. You’re an indie author.
  2. You despise marketing.
  3. You don’t have the creative energy to write and tweet and FB and go blog-touring.
  4. You’ve sworn off intense social marketing, but ….
  5. You want folks to hear about (and buy) your books?

Well, if you’re me, you look for a few talented friends to help you out.  I’ll be posting about the friends I’ve found from time to time, and I’ve created a “Friends, Indeed” page on my website dedicated to them.  Because they deserve recognition, and they have my thanks.

So.  Let’s get started.  Today’s “Friend, Indeed” is Bublish.  I ♥ Bublish, because this unique service not only offers you a way to craft eye-catching book promos (including excerpts), but it allows you to tweet and Facebook them right from the site!  For … FREE!  I recently interviewed Bublish founder, Kathy Meis.  Here’s what she had to say:

Me:  What specific service(s) do you provide? Please differentiate between paid/free services, but list all.

Kathy:  Bublish is a social book discovery platform that helps writers share their stories and readers discover new books and authors they’ll love. It is free for both writers and readers. The heart of the platform is the book bubble. Here’s what one looks like (click on image to enlarge):

Book Bubble

Authors can manage up to 30 books with multiple book bubbles from their Bublish Author Dashboard in order to create and share their bubbles across multiple social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) as well as on The “secret sauce” of Bublish is the ability of the author to tell the story behind their story in the book bubble’s Author Insight. This is a powerful way to connect with new readers. In the future, there will be additional premium, paid accounts for authors and publishers. However, our free accounts will always remain free. We currently make money through the affiliate sales of books.

Me:  What prompted you to create this service?

Kathy:  I have been a writer and editor my entire life. I have watched the economics change drastically in publishing, not always in favor of creators. It is our mission at Bublish to provide writers with a powerful tool to find their audience and engage with readers in a way that will help them stand out in a crowded, noisy online book marketplace. Because the price of books has come down in the Digital Age, authors will need to sell more books over time to compensate. This will require authors to build a loyal following of readers who can support them throughout their writing careers. Bublish will provide the type of manageable, effective tools (like book bubbles) that will enable authors to engage authentically and effectively with their readers on a regular basis.

Me:  How many hours a week (approximately) do you spend on it?

Kathy:  Bublish is a full-time pursuit.

Me:  Any statistics you want to share?

Kathy:  We currently have about a thousand authors on the platform and grow steadily each month through word-of-mouth marketing. Some of our authors have had their work viewed hundreds and even thousands of times on Bublish. Our prototype won the prestigious People’s Choice Award at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change publishing conference in 2012. We were invited by the International Digital Publishing Forum to launch Bublish at last year’s Ignite BEA at Book Expo America. Writers all over the world now use Bublish to share their stories with readers.

Me:  How/when/why should an author contact you?

Kathy:  Authors can contact us at We’re here to answer questions and support Bublish authors as fully as possible. We also do numerous weekly events to promote Bublish authors: Our weekly 12-hour #SampleSunday Marathon on Twitter, The Bublish Floating Bookstore on Mondays, live weekly chats with authors, publishers, publicists and agents on Twitter and Facebook on Thursdays at 3pm ET, #featurefriday in which we spotlight the writing life of a beta bublisher as well as other events associated with holidays or particular book genres.

Me:  Tell us a little about yourself—e.g., favorite genres/authors, hobbies, goals, pets, etc.

Kathy:  I love to read. As I tell my friends, I like my reading difficult and my movies light. I read a lot of nonfiction these days, but then I go through a fiction fit. I like to read stories that are character driven, and am also drawn to books set in foreign countries and written about foreign cultures. I also read often with my youngest daughter, which exposes me to some wonderful children’s literature.

Me:  Anything you would like to say to authors? Readers?

Kathy:  We welcome all writers and readers to the bublish community. We’re here to support our growing family of writers and readers and help you connect with each other around great content. We hope you’ll come see what we’re all about!

Twitter:  @BublishMe and @katmeis
Hashtags:  #bublish #bookbubbles #bookbubble

Note:  Future Friends, Indeed will be featured on my website!



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