River Dance

I’m in the throes of my two-day Amazon free book promo, even as we speak—check out Amazon’s KDP Select program for the skinny on free promos—and I decided to share a few thoughts on the experience so far.

Amanda’s Eyes got off to a slow start.  How slow?  Well, picture me, driving home from work yesterday, one hand on the wheel, one fist waving in heaven’s face.

“Hey!  How about some help down here?  I can’t even give away my book!”

God only knows what my fellow motorists thought.  Loco seems likely.  Then again, this is Texas.  Everybody’s crazy.

I guess He hears snarky prayers, too, because by early evening, Amanda was hitting her stride.  By mid-morning today, she was running like Secretariat.  As of this writing, the book is in Amazon’s Top 100 in the Kindle Free Store (up from 180,000-something), #15 among Mysteries/Thrillers.  All this with 9 hours to go.

Am I happy?  Does my dog, Molly, have cute lil’ pig ears?  You bet!

I mean … YOWZA!

I’m living in the moment, and the moment is sah-weet.  But I’m also looking ahead.  Trying to be realistic.  No easy task for a novelist, but overblown expectations are wax wings, and I don’t aspire to be the next Icarus.

For once in my life, I’m paying attention.  I get it.  Amazon is as fluid as the river it may or may not be named after.  Tributaries up the wazoo.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of books flood in every day.  Promoting your own book is like trying to dance on that river—it’s hard to keep your head above water.

In the past 36 hours, thousands of readers downloaded Amanda’s Eyes.  No way that’s a bad thing.  That is, in fact, an amazingly terrific, stupendously awesome, squeal-producing wonderment!

But how do I know the folks who got the book will read actually it?  If they do read it, will they like it?  If they like it, will they take the time to review it?

Aye, there’s the rub.

Because reviews are key.  They’re my life jacket.  Without them, the mighty Amazon will swallow me up and roll on.

So I’m crossing my fingers, saying my prayers, waiting to see if hope really does float.

Meanwhile …. YOWZA!


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