So What If It IS Rocket Science?

At the risk of sounding nonsensical, there’s something too wonderful for words about a well-written science article.  No, really.  Have you picked up a copy of Discover magazine lately?  Reading one of their articles is almost as good as eating ice cream.  And that’s saying something.

Now, by science articles I don’t mean the stuff written for actual scientists.  Those are full of intimidating equations and mysterious jargon and teeny, tiny footnotes referencing names only a molecular biologist could love.  I’m talking about science articles written for the rest of us, the great unwashed (scientifically speaking) masses who get a kick out of reading about things like “Why Your Brain Loves Math.”  (My brain doesn’t, by the way, but I appreciated the thought.)

The truly wonderful thing is, you don’t actually have to buy any magazines to get a taste of this ambrosia.  New Science, Discover, and Technology Review all have terrific websites.  Better still, they tweet!  There is absolutely no more rousing way to start to the day than logging into Twitter and finding some irreverently funny tweet pointing you to a entertaining-yet-informative article from New Science!  Trust me on this.  Better than Wheaties.  If you aren’t following them–New Science, not Wheaties–you’re missing out.

Of course, if you want to read science in the bathtub, you have to go off line.  It’s worth the sacrifice, though.  Why, just yesterday evening I read about haptic-feedback devices and got carried away all over again by this marriage made in heaven—i.e., the marvels of modern science and first-class writing!  I got so caught up, I didn’t notice my copy of Discover had wilted in the rising steam.

Now that’s good writing!


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